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Here are some of the
Music Videos we worked on 

No beauty in War

The biggest production we've worked on, over 100 crew members were need to do a shout of help for the poor people in our World.The

Vibe Boa
FTampa, Tom Kray e Oriente
In Malibu we shoot this beauty, a Iconic Video that took long ours to catch every detail, bringing rappers, djs, and singers together to create a unique Film.

Agora é tudo meu
Dennis DJ e Kevinho

Over 300 Million Plays, one of the top success songs between one of the top Djs of Brazil and the top Funk singers. Do you believe it?

Menina de Plutão
Tom Kray

Directed by one of the top Directors of Music Videos in Brazil, our collab turn into a beautiful end Music Film.

Roda Vibrante
Tom Kray

Las Vegas is known because it's a iconic city that everybody knows about. We try to bring the most of Vegas for this Film.

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